Indian Forest Service Academy

The Indira Gandhi national Forest Academy: Indian Forest Service trainees spend 2 years here, before heading to serve in their respective cadre. This is our Alma Mater.

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Indian Forest Service Training Academy

Forest Research Institute

Forest Research Institute

Established in 1906, The Imperial Building is the Highlight of the IFS Training Academy.It is Spread across  450 Hectares at the base of the Shivalik Hills. Apart from IGNFA, it houses various sister organizations like CASFOS, ICFRE ect.

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PT & Sports

Physical fitness is rated high in the Academy. PT and Sports are compulsory activities and are given equal weight-age as academics. This apart, we also do various excursions and  adventure activities like Horse Riding, Rafting, Hiking etc.

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Annual Sports Meet: Indian Forest Service Academy

Indian Forest Service Probationers having Tour Briefing

All India Tours

Tours are vital in giving an exposure to the diversity and richness of our flora and fauna. The IFS Probationers are taken to all parts of the country in Five segments - Hill tour, west India, South India, East India and Central India Tour

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The Indian Forest Service

Indian Forest Service is one of the three All India Services ( other two being IAS and IPS). The primary mandate of IFS officers is to protect the ecological assets of the country. Therefore an Indian Forest Service Officer needs to be trained on both Managerial as well as Technical aspects, and hence they have one of the longest training compared to other All India Services or Central services.

The Training program is divided in to three parts:

  • Foundation Course ( duration 3 months, Here we get to interact with other services)
  • Professional Training Course (21 Months in IGNFA, Dehradun)
  • On the Job Training or OJT in the states( Duration depends on the State Rules)