IGNFA, Academy Games, 2015 – Cricket

Like anywhere in the Country, Cricket in IGNFA too is a very popular sport next to Volleyball and Football. Frequent tournaments are organized however; the cherished moment is definitely during the Annual Academy Games. All probationers and Faculties are divided into Four Houses – Red, Blue, Violet and Green. In field games like Cricket every house plays the other three and the best two Houses clash for the Title.

Memorable Trip to Masoori

On 16th December, 2013 I along with other Indian Forest Service Probationers arrived in IGNFA, Dehradun. It was very exciting to see a beautiful green campus where we were going to spend next 21 months. At that time it was peak winter and we were informed that it might snow any time in Masoori (Masoori was just 30KMs away from the Academy). Being from Karnataka I had never experienced snow and was very eager to experience a snowfall, I awaited.

The Obsession of Sighting a Wild Tiger

To some it is an obsession and to some it is a thrill. Every trip to a National Park is a hope to sight a Wild Tiger. My friends say our probation ends the day we sight a Tiger in the Wild!! This is how crazy the Tigers have made us.

There are opponents of this view too; some wonder why one is so desperate for just a glimpse of a Tiger; “a tiger in a zoo is same as a Tiger in Wild!” and I don’t disagree with them as they are logically right. Yet I had this desperation in me for Tigers and I wondered why. For me sighting a Tiger in the wild isn’t a mere sighting but a quench to this desperation that bubbles in me.